Elektro, v. d. offers services in the area of metal galvanisation and plastic injection moulding.


Elektro, v. d. offers metal galvanisation in an automatic coating line. We have been performing metal galvanisation for more than 20 years and we are able to offer:

    • Customer solution – service according to the customer's needs
    • Above standard coating deadlines
    • Coating that meets all environmental requirements


Maximum part weight  [g]                 50               -
Maximum part size [mm]              20 x 70               -
Maximum part size (length x height x width) [mm]                   -   1000 x 600 x 200
ZnCr blue                YES             YES
ZnCr yellow (without Cr6+)                YES             YES
Nickel                YES             YES
Tin                YES             YES
Coating thicknessAccording to customer's request


In case of interest in preparing a quotation, contact:

Zdeněk Ehrlich

Phone +420 604 341 014



Elektro, v. d. is equipped with three modern injection presses, specification stated below. From the area of plastic injection moulding technology:

    • We offer injection moulding using PA, PP, and PE materials (without filler only).
    • Our technological equipment allows for injection moulding using moulds with a cold inlet system.
    • We have a plastics dryer.
    • We are able to implement servicing works in our tool shop.
    • We have the "Solid Edge" design software

Injection Press Specifications


                                                  CHENGHSONG  EM80                                           
INJECTION UNIT             PARAMETERS              
Injection weight150gram  
Screw diameter36mm
Maximum injection pressure                      1590 bar
Maximum closing force80 tonne  
Column clear opening355 x 300 mm
Minimum mould height130mm
Maximum mould height320mm



                                                   INTEC 100/380 D                                             
INJECTION UNIT                                PARAMETERS
Injection weight220gram   
Screw diameter42mm
Maximum injection pressure1582bar
Maximum closing force100tonne
Column clear opening   360 x 360mm
Minimum mould height150mm
Maximum mould height380mm



                                             CHENGHSONG EM150                                             
INJECTION UNIT                                  PARAMETERS 
Injection weight391gram   
Screw diameter52mm
Maximum injection pressure1294bar
Maximum closing force150tonne
Column clear opening455 x 425mm
Minimum mould height180mm
Maximum mould height500mm