Present Time

The syndicate is a purely Czech firm, 100% owners are syndicate members.

The production and technical backgrounds allow for reacting to market requirements. The syndicate has its own development and design base, technical preparation of production, tool shop, and development shop.

Investments in recent years have been directed to the renewal and modernisation of production facilities.
The most important benefit of qualitative changes of the electrotechnical product range was the construction of the new galvanisation plant allowing for performing surface finishing of metals using a modern, automatic line. The syndicate has production technologies for mould injection of plastics and pressing of metals, a screw mill – screw production by forming and chip machining.

Production of electrotechnical connecting material forms the main production programme. Part of the free production capacities is utilised for own complementary production programmes – e.g. production of angle joints. The remaining capacities are utilised for production commissions and services for other organisations from the Czech Republic and foreign countries. Customer orientation in all aspects and marketing thinking are the main goals of all employees.